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HEART DISEASES Can Be Effectively Cured By Surgery Free AYURVEDIC Treatment In 100 days...​

The glory of Pockanchery

Pockanchery’s Ayurveda tradition is unique, being well known for preserving the high moral standards of treatment and for their dedication over centuries to embrace the goodness and divinity of Ayurveda. The family ancestors were based in Kallai, in Kozhikode district of Kerala The Pockanchery Vaidyas have an enriched history of treating the Zamorins, the rulers of Kozhikode empire. The Zamorins were keen in the matter of their citizens’ health, particularly during the war against the Dutch. They initiated to settle Pockanchery family in Manappuram area by ensuring all facilities and amenities. Vaidyas began their treatment in the battle-zone. After the war, the rulers who wanted the best for their people, directed Vaidyas to prolong their stay to serve the citizens. Pockanchery Vaidyas continued their service and went on to build a great Ayurveda tradition and good reputation among the Manappuram community.

(Late) Dr. P.R Jayathilakan, fifth in the family lineage of Pockanchery Vaidyas, was the chief consulting physician. He specialised in the treatment of Heart Diseases. Combining eastern philosophy with western technology (Late) Dr. P.R Jayathilakan developed ‘Samanwaya Chikilsa’, a Harmony of Ayurveda, the ancient system of healing that has its origins in the Vedic culture of India, with the advanced diagnostic techniques of modern medical science. His wife Mrs. C.G Pushparjini is a homemaker. They have three children, all following the family tradition and becoming Ayurvedic Doctors - Dr. Praveena, Dr. Prathyush and Dr. Praseena. It was under the able guidance of his father (Late) Dr. P.R Jayathilakan that Dr. Prathyush established Sree Ramakrishna Ayurvedic Research Centre, Triprayar for treatment of Heart ailments. Dr. P.J.Prathyush is presently the chief consultant physician of the center, which specializes in the treatment of chronic heart diseases without surgery; fast becoming the complete solution center for a sustainable and healthy life ahead.

Mind body harmony 

Knowledge enriches itself on sharing with others. Ayurveda treatment is a treasure of knowledge. When doctor and patient communicate deeply, the patient’s life style and mental state is revealed. This makes the treatment easy. Ayurveda has treatment for all sorts of ailments, including fatal diseases like heart failure. Ayurveda, which is the gift of Indian tradition, aims to permanently and completely cure the root of the diseases instead of providing temporary relief. Normally other methods of medicine would treat just the heart of the heart-patient. But Pockanchery Ayurveda Vaidya treatment tries to understand the physical and mental state of the patient. We aim to make functioning of the body smooth, comfortable and healthy, while at the same time, making sure that each and every cell is rejuvenated. 

The remembrance of Dr. Jayathilakan is relevent, a fruitful life
dedicated for service. He was one of the best Ayurveda doctors of
kerala specialized in Heart Disease treatment. His dexterous touch of
healing has given new life to hundreds of heart patients, based on pure
naturel traditional Ayurveda treatment.You’re our light and guidence,
still lives in us and in the heart of thousands

The Tribut to a visionary  

Sree Ramakrishna Ayurvedic Research Centre


There are no heart patients. That is the vision of Sree Ramkrishna Research Centre. The Killer disease is ranked 5th in the list of deadly diseases is ranked 5th in the list of deadly diseases in India. If it continues in just like this 20 years it will be 1st. That Transfers to 40 Core people in 20 years. .


The aim and mission of the centre are to offer a helping hand to the patients suffering from heart diseases in our society and to bring them back to the mainstream life as healthy individuals. Five thousand year old Ayurvedic treatment is the best suited for the present circumstances and for the posterity as well. “Effectiveness sans side effects" (പാർശ്വഫലങ്ങൾ ഇല്ലാത്ത സാഫല്യം)" is what Ayurveda declares for all the times to come. Dr. Prathyush ’s mission is nothing but to prove this.


Dr.Prathyush Pockanchery Msc, BAMS
Sree Ramakrishna Ayurvedic Research Centre
Triprayar Jn, P.O.Nattika, Thrissur, Kerala - 680566


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