We provide a unique treatment process to effectively cure any disease within a short span of time, which has been proven to be successful, if the patients also properly follow the instructions. All the necessary Ayurvedic herbs and medicines are prepared and manufactured at the center itself to ensure that the medicinal properties of the same are not diluted or lost. The Pockanchery Ayurvedic family lineage offers permanent solutions to the various diseases and ailments. The vision and mission of the Sree Ramakrishna Ayurvedic Research Centre are also the same.

The remarkable features of Dr. Prathyush treatments are :

There is no need to get admitted in the hospital as the treatment can be administered while the patient remain in his/her own house. Entire symptoms disappear in just 17 days. The patient maintains normal BP, cholesterol and sugar levels.

After 100 days treatment, the patient becomes 15 years younger than before, All Allopathic medicines could be stopped, The patient could reduce 15 kg weight in just 17 days, The treatment makes the patient physically and mentally stronger than ever before.

When compared to angioplasty or bypass surgery, cost is very much less and the treatment has shown 98% success in a domain of about 80,000 heart patients, The patient needs no rest at all in this treatment, The patient could do any hard work within just 100 days.