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Sree Ramakrishna Ayurvedic Research Centre

In an age where ‘anyone can treat’, Sree Ramakrishna Ayurvedic Research Centre began with the intention to provide the right direction in treating diseases. Majority of the patients are still unaware that diseases that are written off an incurable and chronic could still be effectively treated and cured. The fully curative medicines of the Research Centre have provided relief for many patients in the Centre’s history, without undergoing painful operation. All these are not astonishing for the Pockanchery Vaidyas who possess Ayurvedic knowledge from years of experience. The fact that even Sree Narayana Guru had his doubts on Ayurveda clarified from Chandu Vaidyar, an expert from the Pockanchery family exemplifies the rich tradition. From earlier times the family has been the shelter for many disease inflicted people in Tripayar, Thrissur. Be it in medicine or in social commitment, the presence of the Pockanchery family has been intensely felt in the region. Now the reputation of the family has extended beyond the boundaries of Kerala, with overseas patients flying in. With the able leadership of Dr. Pratyush Pockanchery, the Ayurvedic Research Centre in Tripayar has transcended boundaries. May the heart disease be of any type, you have a perpetual solution here! Heart diseases can be effectively cured by Surgery free Ayurvedic treatment in 100 days. The tradition Promises that the Research Centre Can Cure Diabetics, infertility, Skin, liver and kidney diseases.

Experience the Difference

  • Some of the main features of Dr. Prathyush Pockanchery’s treatments are:
  • The treatment is for chronic heart diseases without surgery; there is no need to get admitted in the Centre as the treatment can be administered, even while the patient remains in his/her own house.
  • During the first 8 days of the treatment, the patient feels fatigued.
  • On the 12th day, the patient senses the symptoms going on the wane
  • On the 14th day, half of the symptoms disappear.
  • On the 17-day, up to 80% of the symptoms (i.e., more than half of the remaining) disappear; the patient could reduce up to 15 kg weight.
  • By this period, the high levels of cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure regain their normal values and the medical reports become satisfactory,
  • The patient is not allowed to idle away his time or to take rest. And in just 17 days, the patients who were too weak to even get up from the bed now walk, climb and even jog! These miracles one could witness with one’s own eyes.
  • During the next 17 days, food restrictions are gradually withdrawn. This procedure continues for 100 days.
  • After 100 days treatment, allopathic medicines are reduced progressively, and the patient’s diet and habits are brought to control and restriction. The patient becomes physically and mentally stronger than ever before and needs no rest at all during this phase of treatment.
  • Patients who were administered insulin treatment could stop it and return to normal diet. Hypertension and high cholesterol patients also could come back to normal diet stopping all allopathic medicines.
  • The expenses incurred, when compared to angioplasty or bypass surgery, are very much less.
  • Along with the prescribed Medicines, it is advised that patients perform certain exercises as a part of their daily routine. The therapy has shown 96% success in a domain of about 1,00,000 heart patients.

we have the remedies and perfect treatment to save any patient from serious critical conditions.


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Dr.Prathyush Pockanchery Msc, BAMS
Sree Ramakrishna Ayurvedic Research Centre
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