Kidney Problems

It has become common for the people of all ages to develop one or the other kidney problems, particularly in their middle and old age. If the kidneys get damaged, it leads to an increase in the toxicity in the body. If such a condition is not treated on time, it can eventually lead to kidney failure and may also harm the other organs of the body. An Ayurvedic Chronic Kidney Disease Treatment can help in avoiding any further damage to the kidneys.

Allopathy argues and believes that chronic kidney diseases are neither reversible nor do they have a cure. The progress of the disease could be slowed but beyond that the end stage solution for the disease lies in dialysis followed by a kidney transplant. However, India also recognizes alternate medicines of which, Ayurveda argues that not only is kidney disease reversible, if detected and treated early it is also curable.


Ayurveda is a part of an ancient traditional medicine, its theories and medicines are derived from the wisdom and knowledge of ayurvedic medicine practitioners who have recorded their findings for over 5000 years. The ancient medicine sciences divide the human body according to the forms of energy or dosha, tissues dhatus and so on. Every part of the human body has been meticulously recorded and named according to its relative position and role in keeping the body alive.

Unlike allopathic medicines, ayurveda doesn’t focus on treating the symptom, it focuses on treating the whole body. Ayurveda believes that a healthy human body is the perfect balance of energy, tissue, elements etc. thus, any disease is an imbalance between these factors, which means that while the symptom may be visible on the leg, it is possible that root of the problem is in the kidneys.

Popular medicinal herbs used for treating chronic kidney disease are: Punarnavadi Mandoor: This herb is a diuretic herb which also contributes to the formation of red blood cells and purification of blood. This herb helps regulate, prevent and fight gout and uremia among other diseases. Chandraprabha Vati: Chandraprabha Vati is especially beneficial to patients suffering from urinary tract infection or other urinary health issues as well as diabetes. This herb is a mild antacid, analgesic, and helps in curing anemia by raising hemoglobin levels in the body. It helps with improving memory, preventing blood in urine as well as preventing gout. Gokshuradi Guggulu: This preparation is specifically prepared to help cure kidney and urinary diseases. This herb preparation is a diuretic, anti-stress, adaptogenic, muscle relaxant. It is instrumental in contributing to the improvement of kidney health as well as in maintaining blood pressure.

In cases of kidney disease ayurvedic practitioners also put patients on a specific diet which can help make urine passing easy, a patient is generally asked to avoid all proteins including pulses as well as salt.